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Full Version: easiest way to reimport coverart?
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I use Metabroswer for my scrapper for my movies and im using Eden now and my covery art does not show any more, I did delete my profile and did fresh install of Eden. I have added all my NFS locations back on but cant see any cover art unless i go into each folder manually,

Is there any easy way to scan the whole library and reimport all the scrappper/coverart info i can see each folder still has all the information.

or even a utility, I don't really want to delete the coverart from each folder as it took me ages to to scrap and have the images and back ground i like.

any advice and help appreciated


PS: I like the control the Metabroswer offers me hence why i use it.
anyone know of a way?
I have done this now, quite easy when you know how.

but i have one question.

now i can see all the coverart in XMBC Eden, but i have updated some DVD/cover images of some movies but this is not reflecting back in my XMBC Eden coverart even when i have refreshed it and updated the folder? any ideas how i get the new dvd covers to show? its still using the old covers.