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Full Version: Croatian Translation
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Hi to XBMC team, i have a question and proposal.
1. Question
Is theare a way to change XBMC Eden 11 cro language? Its full of holes and not translated menues.

2. Proposal

I have a lot of spare time at work and would like to contribute to xbmc project, so to say. I have some knowledge of web programing languages + English knowledge = full croatian translation

If some one from development team could help me how to help XBMC team.
You have in the install directory a folder called "languages"...there is your language folder...
You have there in strings.xml...you need to check with the string IDs with the English one as there is no .po-file support, yet... but this leads to

Basically best thing is to sign up at transifex.net and request a new language for xbmc...
alanwww1 will handle this...then you can have your language always up to date with the online
translation system...

EDIT: Already requested croatian language at transifex...should be there in no time... Wink

Found HOW TO PART... i am on it.... have to read before posting lol.....


(2012-05-14, 15:29)ASKE Wrote: [ -> ]Found HOW TO PART... i am on it.... have to read before posting lol.....

Hi !

Thank you for intending to help with the translations.
If I can ask, could you please pause the process for a week or two.
Very soon we will be having a much easier system for you with easy translating.
I'll let you know soon.

Thank you in advanced,


I have tried XBMC Translator and i can say its more or less simple. I can wait, i am still in part of testing and setting up the new Eden with PVR on my donkey ubuntu CQ 6715b until i get Intel DN2800MT.