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Full Version: WINE - 4therecord ?
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I folks,

these days I'm playing around with WINE (I'm using my HTPC as a playing console too) and I'm very astonished about how great it works (even a lot of programs that are available for both windows and linux run better with wine than native, for example the PS2 Emu PCSX2- should try XBMC for windows with wine :-).

So I was wondering if somebody tried to install 4theRecord over WINE. Since it's a good TV Backend and I will stay with Linux it could be a good alternative to other linux only tv backends ..



Probably won't work at all, to start with you're gonna have tuner/capture driver problems galore.
hm .. not sure about the driver stuff .. it's right that you can't use hardware with windows only drivers in wine, but you can use linux supported hardware with wine running windows applications .. as long as my DVB-S card is linux supported it becomes a question about how is a dvb device accessed under windows and if these libraries are supported by wine ....
This can't work, FTR(argus)/MP need hardware with BDA drivers to work
I was thinking of building an interface between tvheadend(or another linux based tuner) and 4TR, so we can use tvheadend as tuner instead of argus.
But the problem is that I'm not very familiar with c++ and definitely not with linux.