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Full Version: I can't install xbmc
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Hi I have been using xbmc for quite a while now, and I love it. Now it was on a windows based system, but I want to install the live version so it looks bit less computer and more set top box.

I've downloaded the latest version, tried USB stick I get to the menu highlight a select install xbmcbuntu and nothing happens. If I leave it for a while eentually I get what looks like a loading screen then black screen and nothing more.

Tryied burning it to CD I get pink screen with two icons at bottom. Ages later black screen and nothing.
What's your hardware specs?
Mini itx. 2ghz CPU 1gb ram
I have ran xbmc on this pc in question before, but I will try the same USB on a different pc now
Ok its the display, just tried it on my other computer that booted ok, what can I do to make it work on the itx
We'll need more detailed information than just:
(2012-05-16, 22:50)reco1l Wrote: [ -> ]Mini itx. 2ghz CPU 1gb ram
Make/model of motherboard (or system, if it's prebuilt)?
Make/model of display?

My guess is that the hardware is not supported, I know the onboard GPU is pretty useless for video decoding so if you somehow manage to get XBMC installed (maybe even and older version?) what you could play would be very limited. Unless you put in a decent PCI gfx card ?

Like I said, I'm just guessing so I hope someone corrects me!
That makes sence I want a very small foot print. I've got a full size computer ATM but I only use it for xbmc. Hence why I wanted itx, cf cards not hard drives, small as I could. I might see if I can borrow a gfx card from somewhere see if that makes it work.
onboard cards works fine. Why would the function of the circuit be impacted by the board it is mounted to?

ITX with integrated gfx works fine. ION especially works fine. However, I have no clue if your rig is supported by the installer or not. Your card is probably not good enough but your problem is with the debian installer not xbmc.
You could google it or you could start by booting the standard ubuntu live CD and see if it works at all.

I assume you have already tried pressing enter at the black screen?
(2012-05-19, 09:55)vikjon0 Wrote: [ -> ]onboard cards works fine. Why would the function of the circuit be impacted by the board it is mounted to?

I wasn't referring to onboard cards in general, if that's what you comment was aimed at? I was referring to his "VIA Unichrome Pro Processor" onboard GPU. As far I can tell, the best that this chip supports is mpeg 2 decoding. Not sure I understand the second part of that comment ? Do you mean this particular GPU would still give poor performance even if it was mounted to an expensive high tec board ? That's probably true, unless that board had a processor capable of decoding x264 and the like.

But that's all getting a bit off topic, so if anyone can confirm that the "VIA Unichrome Pro Processor" GPU which is mounted to reco1l's motherboard is not sufficient for XBMC general use then maybe it is not worth much more time and effort to try and get this system working reco1l ? Unless of-course you find a way of getting XBMC installed and are happy with using a probably power hungry (relatively) PCI graphics card which probably won't fit in the case you are using in the first place ?

I've been reading around about this board and it does look a bit dated, http://www.via.com.tw/en/products/chipse...ies/vn800/ looks like it is referring to the same chips and mentions about mpeg 2 decoding but that seems to be it's limit.
ok, then I didnt read carefully enough.