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Full Version: sharethe.tv plugin issue
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I found this plugin for xbmc media center http://sharethe.tv/
The cool thing about them is they can provide you with a page delectaed to you only

Once sign in the website will display a message
Congratulations, your account has been created! Your next step is to send your first library update from a media centre.

My page: http://sharethe.tv/airbander

that all cool but here is the problem:

I cant find the plugin under XBMC Huh

so i google it and found a work around
i was able to get the plugin from

I went to C drive program files xbmc and then drop the plugin into it because xbmc did not install from zip nor i was able to find it from xbmc search

i added my user name and password but after running xbmc for 2 days still i am not able to see my media collections

Advise please

Thank you