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Full Version: Help needed for Hanewin NFS on Windows 7 x64
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I'm using an AppleTV with Crystalbuntu and found that the NFS Shares are much muster than SMB. If I host the NFS Server through Ubuntu it works flawlessy.
However I would like to use Win 7 on my main PC so that means no NFS by default. I know a lot of you guys have succesfully setup NFS shares on Windows through Hanewin.

I've installed it and edited the exports file and restarted the server. Than opened the ports 111, 1058, 2059 both TCP / UDP in the windows firewall, than forwarded the same ports in my router. (Asus RT-N16 with Tomato firmware)

After all that when I try to add a new share in XBMC I choose NFS than I see the IP of the host than I see the exported folders BUT I can't access them so I can't add them to my shares.

What am I doing wrong ? Please help me I need to replace SMB Blush
How did you setup the NFS permissions on the Export tab?

With NFS you have to explicitly tell it the IP or IP range of your clients.

check the filesystem permissions on your shares...