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Full Version: Blu Ray Rips Don't Play on AppleTV 1 with CrystalBuntu
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I wanted to move my blu ray movies onto my hard drive and i do that with makemkv.

The resulting MKV file does not work with XBMC. When I select it, XBMC freezes up.

If I remux it to m2ts it can somewhat play, but it takes several second to load, and with scenes with a lot of movement, many frames get dropped.

The Mac Mini that is serving the files is connected via ethernet to a router, and the AppleTV 1 is connected with ethernet as well.

I have the crystalHD broad com card installed, and I thought it should just decode the video and work.

I am not sure how to make it work!
Help me!!!
let's see Smile

any real details posted... nope
xbmc.log posted... nope
dmesg posted... nope

I wonder why we even have FAQs if no one bothers to read them.