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Full Version: No xorg.conf in latest xbmcbuntu
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I have installed the latest xbmcbuntu. Normally my system doesn't have problems outputting a 1080p24 signal, but in this version it has. It output it as 1080p60, even though i set it up to use the same refresh rate as the video. I then assume that, the 24 hz option isn't available in the xorg.conf. But the xorg.conf isn't in etc/x11 folder.
I hope someone can help me to add 24 hz playback to my system.
During installation i ticket the upgrade flag.
If you have NVidia hardware, there's a how-to thread on the subject. You essentially take the same steps for other hardware (discover available modes, configure xorg.conf, then configure XBMC), but I'm not sure if the actual commands are the same. The xorg.conf will be different as well.
But there is no xorg.conf file present in the etc/x11 folder. Should i just create one?
Claus, step 1 creates the file.
Ok thanks