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Full Version: TV shows crash or hang during playback
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Since switching over to XBMC Eden, TV Shows listed under the movies section (i.e. documentaries, individual animations etc.) will launch and play for a short time then either lockup or crash XBMC. There are no issues with movies encoded exactly the same way.

I have tried adjusting video playback settings with no success.

I am having the same issue on a xbmc windows based box and XBMCbuntu box.
need Debug logs (wiki)
Is this enough information or is there something else I can provide that would be helpful? I don't want to downgrade to Dharma but if that corrects it then...
I'm experiencing the same issues. Usually the first show plays fine, but the second show crashes. The web interface doesn't respond, I usually reboot by SSH-ing into the box and rebooting.

Any help would be appreciated.
You need to enable debug logging on your machine--Settings > System > Debugging there is a setting Enable debug logging. Then post the link to the log here.