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Full Version: CrystalHD VC-1 interlaced support?
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I have a dedicated htpc with a core i3 and GT 430 nvidia card. 3 of my most favorite blurays I own are VC-1 1080i, which means they are the only three I will need to either transcode to h264 or run to put the disc in the br player all the time. I would love to be able to have copies of these discs stored in their native format.

What I read is the crystalhd card can handle VC-1 i files, but I haven't heard of anyone purchasing one of these to put in a htpc just for this purpose. If I purchase one, and a mini pcie to pci express adapter, would I be able to bypass the ffmpeg limitation and play my VC-1 I files?

Has anyone done this?

vc1 progressive, yes. vc1 interlaced, no
Ok, sad to hear... so just to make sure I'm not missing something then, there is NO way to play VC-1 interlaced files on XBMC?