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Full Version: PS3 Remote & Logitech Dinovo Edge
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Just upgraded to Eden to run SpotiMC, and it works great btw Smile

Though when upgraded I just thought I'd give the PS3 remote another try, and I got it running quite swiftly with this guide:

The PS3 remote works like a charm and all, but in SpotiMC there is a searchfunction and ofcourse I want to use the keyboard for that. Trying to use the keyboard I found that it's no longer working. I've been doing quite some googleing and can't really seem to find a way around this. It seems like the PS3 remote is hogging the bluetooth or some HID-stuff. I can seem to wrap my head around it and I thought I'd ask here.

I remember having an issue with the keyboard in Dharma, so I found the page describing the fix again:

But the file /lib/udev/rules.d/70-hid2hci.rules does not even exist anymore, but I found /lib/udev/rules.d/62-bluez-hid2hci.rules and I don't know if that messes with the other one?

Do anyone have any idea? Smile

Best regards,