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Full Version: Strange Audio problem
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Hello, and sorry i'm a NOOB Big Grin

I can't figure out the problem that i have with my audio.

Setup: XBMC(eden) --->HDMI----> HD tv, and from the tv a digital coax output------> Receiver ( stereo )

In the xbmc menu i can choose audio output thru : HDMI, Digital or Analog.
But only with analog the audio works both on tv and reciever.
If i'll choose HDMI or Digital the audio volume is much lower and i'll have NO sound on the receiver.

In win 7 the audio works great!, even at the highest settings 24/96.

I don't want to use a seperate soundcard because then i'll have to switch each time when i want to use the audio thru mij tv or receiver.
I really want to enjoy Digital audio instead of analog audio.

Help pls!

P.s. sorry for my grammatical mistakes ( Holland )
You dont have HDMI on your reciver ?
Nope, i have an Onkyo TX 8050 with 2 optical and 2 coaxial digital inputs.
And your normal TV sound goes out to the reciver ?
that is correct.

The tv has a digital coaxial output, this one goes directly to my receiver.
So, it has only 1 hdmi connection : XBMC - TV
So basiclly the problem is that TV does not understand it should reroute the HDMI audio out from the TV again?
yes, and i can't figure out what the problem is.

If i'm in windows and play audio thru the highest quality settings it plays just fine.

But in my XBMC, when i change it form analog to HDMI or DIGTIAL the signal to my receiver is lost.
How is it even possible to have analog audio? I only use HDMI....
You have three choices: buy a soundcard, buy a receiver or buy a TV.
Basically the optical out on the TV is only meant to be used with the built-in OTA tuner.

You've also omitted the TV make and model - so there could be a setting to change in the TV menu.

For example my Sony TV can accept Dolby Digital (passthrough) but not DTS over HDMI.
^^^ what he said. Almost no TV's will pass DTS, and it's a crapshoot what they will pass from HDMI.

You can use the "Dual Audio" patch if you have another audio output device on your machine, but that patch is far from future-proof.
Tv menu... that's a good one.
I have changed so many things that i dont know where to look anymore.

I will start from scratch, reset/unplug everything and setup the pc,tv,receiver,xbmc all over.

Will report back.