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Full Version: Video Add-On View Types
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I've just started to setup the Hulu plugin for XBMC and am seeing an irritating issue where the view types i choose for each page within the hulu plugin will revert back to the default view type that the video add-on uses after i go back to the home menu and back into the plugin.

Is anyone else seeing this issue? I hope i explained it well enough.

Thank you
You may have better luck posting in the [SUPPORT] Hulu Video Plugin thread.
It has nothing to do with the hulu plugin, it does this with any video add-on i use (PBS, food network) I should have stated that in my first post sorry

In that case, try Video Add-ons.

By the way, I just tried changing the view from List to Thumbnails for each of the following pages: Video Add-ons --> PBS -->Programs --> NOVA. I exited back to the main menu and, when I retraced this path, the view remained as Thumbnails on each of these pages. I also exited XBMC completely and restarted and the view remained as Thumbnails for this path.