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Full Version: Permanent Aspect Ratio Setting
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Does anyone know of a way to fix the aspect ratio so that it always displays eg 2.35:1 regardless of the input format, either in the gui or otherwise. I know of the pixel ratio setting. If I set a particular setting as the default for all, it will deform even the video that is already 2.35:1 because the pixel ratio setting is relative to the video.

Only way would be to calibrate your screen to 2.35:1 and then turn on stretch and set as default for all videos.

This would mean running the UI in 2.35:1 as well, however.
Thanks, unfortunately my tv doesn't have panoramic setting. I guess my only option is to put a feature request similar to the setting that exists for 4:3 videos
So why do you want this sort of thing if your TV is not that aspect ratio to begin with??
Primarily because I am trying to integrate other functions e.g.. email, news rss, phone etc. as growl notifications in the space that is freed up (ie. the black bars). Most of the content I have is already 2.35:1. It is the live streams which I would like to adhere to the same ratio so that the video is contained in that space. In other words the suggestion of changing the setting in the tv will actually defeat this purpose.

Its not too bad as it is, but I thought there may have been a way by way of editing the python scripts to achieve it.
There's the cropping stuff which might be usable for something like this - you'd have to get it into your database yourself (check the settings table after altering the settings for an item). IIRC the values are given based on the original video source, so I suspect it'd be tricky to take advantage.
Yes the cropping stuff. Do you mind confirming what the cropping exactly does. If I am watching 2.35:1 on a 16:9 television like I do now and I select Crop Bars, nothing is noticeable which is what I expect. If I did the same thing on a 16:9 projector, would the bars be removed from projection.