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Full Version: XBMC Does Not See "Split Files" of a TV Show
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Hi gang.

This is strictly not a xbmc problem more of "I can't figure out how to resolve my issue".

Years ago I created some home movies. Well actually not me but our family was creating its own soap opera series for fun (don't ask me why I was an innocent 10 year old pawn at the time, got kidnapped in the 2nd episode and was never seen again!)

So each episode was converted from vhs to avi donkeys years ago but for some reason they are spilt into 10 min segments whereas I suppose you could say an "episode" = 1hr.

I've labelled the files and created relevant nfo files (ember)

So for instance my tv show/folder structure looks like this:

All TV shows(folder)

HomeTVShow1 CD1.tbn
HomeTVShow1 CD1.nfo
HomeTVShow1 CD1.avi
HomeTVShow1 CD2.avi
HomeTVShow1 CD3.avi

HomeTVShow2 CD1.tbn
HomeTVShow2 CD1.nfo
HomeTVShow2 CD1.avi
HomeTVShow2 CD2.avi
HomeTVShow2 CD3.avi

Am pretty well versed in setting up folder structures and naming conventions etc but when I place these into the TV Show folder that xbmc looks at the .CD1 file is added and will play but unlike the Movie folder the next file .CD2 will not automatically be picked up to continue the episode.

I know I could join the files together but that's always been a little hit and miss for me with issues like sound sync.

So..is it possible to get xbmc to play .CD1 then .CD2 seemlesly just like in the Movies section?

Cheers all

PS: Why am I doing this? Just thought it would be fun for my family to see themselves "finally" on TV for a giggle...it'll never make it to youtube Confused
Hi again,

Sorry posted into the wrong group...(slapped wrists).

Please could a kind soul move this post to XBMC General Help and Support?

Thanks and apologies once again.

I think the naming convention should be: HomeTVShow1 (folder name) > Season 1 (sub folder) > 1x01 or S01E01 (CD 1)
so you would have to rename the files something like "HomeTVShow1 - 01x1.avi" and make each "season" your code name for an episode (so Season 1, Episode 1 would really be Episode 1, Part 1)

However, if it were me, I would take your AVIs, and combine the 3 parts of an episode into 1 MKV file with MKVToolNix (aka mkvmerge) once you download the program, open it up, and drag and drop your original AVI part 1, select "append" and then add the 2nd and 3rd part, then hit the Start Muxing button...you wont lose your originals and now you'll have one file for each episode rather than a 3 parter...your NFO, thumbfile, and fanart will all still work unless you change the file name...in which case just name them accordingly...now XBMC and really any program out there will have an easy time with your home movie playback since its only one file per episode...just be sure to use the proper naming convention in any case
(2012-05-28, 23:57)FlashPan Wrote: [ -> ]So..is it possible to get xbmc to play .CD1 then .CD2 seemlesly just like in the Movies section?
It seems to be impossible.
See Adding videos to the library/Naming files/TV shows and TV Show Episodes that are multi-file not stacking?
But I think that there was an article explaining to enumerate like CDa, CDb instead of CD1, CD2.

HI all,

Thanks for the info...yep I forgot to include Season 1, Season 2 folders in my first post example as I do use "Seasons" normally.

Am thinking the the MKVToolbox may be the way to go for ease of use and tidyness. Will give it a whirl when I get home.

Thanks to you both for the advice and all.

NP, Anytime Smile
You could just tell XBMC that they are movies instead of TV shows. That or just using MKVtools like you mentioned before.
I have a similar issue with a few shows I made from bluray.

For example, I backed up heroes season 1 but I split the finale into 3 parts ... Don't ask ... Smile (size restrictions at the time)


For example, what I have done in my windoes directory is the following.

Heroes S01E20 (CD1).avi
Heroes S01E20 (CD2).avi
Heroes S01E20 (CD3).avi

And when scraped xbmc recognised this as:

Heroes episode 20 (1)
Heroes episode 20 (2)
Heroes episode 20 (3)

It adds thumbs and nfos autumatically and i get by with it ...
I know it's not very clean, but until I can back them up again, this is how I get around it. Messy and not awesome, but it works and allows me to have them in my library until I gt a chance to update them again.

After writing this I'm not sure if this is even useful to you lol Smile

But I'll press post anyway, no harm done Smile