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Full Version: Party Jukebox mode with wireless remotes?
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So I'm finally enjoying XBMC as a music player controlling it from an Android phone & tablet in & out of the house.

It dawned on me this weekend that it would be very cool if all my guest could use their phones & tap into the music player to select their songs from the jukebox (just like a old jukebox), ie the songs would cue up & play in order of selection. The freedom and fun interaction would be good but this system would also need to support a "super user" (ie me) who could kill/skip selections & control volume, while the guest cue up their choices. It might also be interesting to give guest the ability kill other choices in the cue (if 2 or more guest said kill it).

Is there anything like this available yet or in the works?

The skin Transparency! has an awesome Wurlitzer Jukebox, animated background, toggle buttons even the bubbles.. must be seen to be appreciated. The play/cue order etc works fine locally..(can you imagine this in Kiosk mode?) jumping into 'superuser' and phone tapping would have to come from one of the 3rd party remote utilities... like Iphone or Ipad, and I doubt many have investigated that... but if they don't work, I'm sure the XBMC community would praise you for any code contributions you could make. Of course donate cash and your suggestion will definitely be on radar.

P.S. there is a thread for Feature Suggestions