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Full Version: codec info bar: "Video" line is too long and it is trunked
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I have a problem with Codec Info Bar of OpenElec, 'Video' line has more fields of XBMCbuntu and line, on the right, is trunked.

Below screenshot taken from XBMCbuntu, when 'Video' line is perfect, and then OpenELEC that has that line trunked.



is it possible to have OpenELEC version equal to XBMCbuntu?
Not a lot I can do about that its more on the c++ side and actually trimming the info I do fine it odd though that they would show different things
Add version software used:

XMBCbuntu: 11.0
openELEC: 1.95b4 (64bit ION version)
I have the same problem with the nightlies on Win7
is there a way to skin this CodecInfo window?
If we could change the text to be a little smaller I guess I could get everything on the screen, even when using VDPAU.
I fixed it on my system !
It all started when I noticed that different skins have different fonts for the CodecInfo overlay during full screen video.
One of the skins I used showed almost the entire line, even when using VDPAU (which generates a lot of extra text)

After some digging I figured out which skin file controls the view of this overlay window.
The file is called VideoFullScreen.xml (inside the skins 720p folder) and in it it will refer to a font that is to be used, (In my case 'Font_RSS_Unicode')
I looked through Font.xml (in the same 720p folder) to find a font that had a smaller size. For my skin (Neon) I found a font called 'Small' which was 14pt instead of the 25pt used by "Font_RSS_Unicode".

After changing the VideoFullScreen.xml to refer to this font (i just replaced every instance of Font_RSS_Unicode by Small in the file) and restarting the entire machine I first thought it had not worked but suddenly later noticed that it had changed the font size, which is now considerably smaller. (maybe some sort of caching)

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