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Full Version: Scraper Help/Advise
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Hi All

I'm very new to XBMC, and with the help of some excellent people on here I am making head way.

I'm just wondering what is the best scraper for music mainly? At the moment I'm on "allmusic" I believe. However I have noticed that it wont download reviews for my albums? Is there a better scrapper that downloads album reviews? As it looks pretty odd showing nothing in this massive info box.

Thanks in advance.
Check the repo in settings add-ons, there is quite the selection lately.
Which is the best one?
Hard to say. The default, AllMusic, has been leaving much to be desired. Some new ones have just come on, like MusicBrainz, that might be a good alternative.
MusicBrainz is what I used to tag the files? So wouldn't be the best for me?

Ok I'll give those a go tonight.