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Full Version: Music Library missing some Artists
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Hi All,

Got an issues when scanning/scraping music to the library. If I start fresh with the music library, add music source and set the scraper and let it scan in my entire library it always misses some artists. I can go to the source after and in the context menu and select update library and it will then pick up these additional artists/albums. But after suspending/exiting xbmc and opening again those artists will have disappeared.

Its always the same artists/albums and all the tag info is correct for all these additional artists/albums and all the music resides in exactly the same folder on the same smb share.

Any suggestions guys?

Thanks in advance
Always missing the same artists all the time would indicate some sort of naming convention issue. Unsure why a manual scrape works, but doesn't hold... suspect it has something to do with your folders configuration... sub nesting perhaps?
With music it's the ID3 tags that are the key.