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Full Version: X264 MKV Library problems
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When I loaded a drive into the library (tv shows) XBMC loads all folders but it does not load any files that have .mkv file extensions.


3rd Rock from the Sun 138 episodes
21 Jump Street 35 episodes
30 Rock 90 episodes
1000 Ways to Die 28 episodes
The 4400
American Dad 68 episodes
American Restoration
Ancient Egyptians
Andy Richter Controls the Universe 25 episodes
Are You Afraid of the Dark 92 episodes

The names which do not list the episodes are all mkv extensions.


I tried searching the forum first but the search engine will not allow searches of less than 4 characters (mkv)
All my files are MKV. Even my dvd files, have done it to get rid of menus, so my kids can find out to start a cartoon fx.

You are doing something wrong, or have'nt set the tvdb scraper correctly.

You can read this post, how I helped another user last night.

Need debug log (wiki)