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Full Version: TV Shows/Season View Mode
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I want to add the 'slide' view to the TV Show/Season view options. Currently I think list, cover flow, media info, and a few others are available, but I would really like to have the slide option. Can anyone point me the correct direction as to how to do this? I have read through the forums but haven't come across exactly how this can be achieved. Thanks in advance!
slide view is available for tv shows, if you enable 'tv shows - use posters' in skin settings

i'll look into adding support for seasons as well.
thanks for the reply ronie. I have slide view going for tv shows and love being able to see all my fanart. I appreciate the quick response and I'll cross my fingers on seeing slide view for seasons.
it was easy to add, slide view for seasons is now available in the svn version of T!
will be in the next stable release as well of course.
is there anyway i could edit an existing .xml file to enable it on the current stable build?
replace View-Slide.xml in the 720p folder of skin.transparency with this one: View-Slide.xml
thanks for this quick bit of work and all your work ronie! your skin is the best around!