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Full Version: How to remove BKGD_frames?
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Is there any way to remove the bkgd_frames from the background? I get big lag from them and they are buggy on my computer.
Your going to need to be a little more specific about what you mean but if its what I think you can disable them in skin settings

Those things that are in the background, marked with red arrows. I didn't find any option to disable them. I call them bkgd_frames because they're named like that in the .xpr files in "media" folder.
If you push m to open up the player controls or start on the xbox controller there is an option to disable background animation nested in there somewhere
I have installed jx 720 on ipad but can not move from media ... to system ... please help how to use this on ipad
there is no way your going to use jx720 on an ipad I suggest you just delete the skin and let it revert back to default