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Full Version: New Language request at Transifex - English (pirate) and English (hacker)
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Ok - I've requested Transifex to add English (Pirate) - Ahoy! Avast!, etc
and I've also requested them to add English (Hacker) - 3133t haxxor, etc

Please go and promote them to help the chances of them adding this to their official languages list, unless on their list, there is no way to have them inside XBMC

-Klingon is already a supported language
(2012-06-04, 16:51)Monkeysweat Wrote: [ -> ]-Klingon is already a supported language
Where did you get this info from?
Wow sheldon will be very pleased when he finds out.
(2012-06-04, 18:36)Monkeysweat Wrote: [ -> ]list of supported languages:


Ah ok...I thought you meant XBMC...was wrong