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Full Version: [RELEASE] YAC Listener (Caller ID)
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Development on this addon has ended. A better addon that does the same (and more) can be found here.


Here's a very simple YAC Listener (Caller ID) for Eden and Frodo (probably Gotham too, but I haven't tested it).

Download here. Install it from the zip within xbmc.

I couldn't find a working YAC Listener for xbmc so I searched the forums until I found some usable code that I modified slightly. I only know the basics of coding and don't know anything about python so the functionality is *very* basic. (i.e, it won't pause whatever you may be watching; it won't play a nice tune for you. etc)

Here's what else you'll need:
  • A modem supporting Caller ID.
  • Caller ID service from your telecom provider.
  • For Windows, get YAC and install the YAC Server on the computer with the modem. Do not install a YAC client on the same machine where the xbmc YAC Listener add-on will be running. (You can install YAC clients on other PCs though).
  • Get an updated yac.exe from here and replace the yac.exe from the previous step. This isn't strictly required, but this version allows the option to suppress the "YAC Server" popup preventing a duplicate with the xbmc YAC Listener popup.
  • For Linux, I'm not sure of an equivalent to YAC but I think it is ncid.

As mentioned before, it's a pretty simple script so there are only a couple options you may want to modify:
  • How long the popup is displayed. Edit addon.py in your addons\script.yaclistener folder. Find and replace 7000 (7 seconds) to whatever length of time (milliseconds) for which you want the popup displayed.
  • The popup icon. Replace phone.png in your addons\script.yaclistener folder with whatever image you desire.

(2012-06-04, 18:11)doug Wrote: [ -> ]Here's a very simple YAC Listener (Caller ID) for Eden.

Do you have this working for Frodo?

(2013-08-11, 03:31)surge919 Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have this working for Frodo?

It works for Frodo too (and probably Gotham, but I haven't tested it.)
why is the requirement of not allowing yac listener running on the system? Can I have yac listener running and still have this addon work? (I am using yac listener to see the caller ID in WMC)

What type of hardware is necessary to get the Caller ID in YAC Server on my Win PC? I have phone service from Time Warner Cable, where I connect the phone to the Cable Modem.... I have a Windows PC, a Ubuntu Server, a NAS and a couple OpenElec htpc's.


hernandito - You need caller id capable modem on your computer for YAC to work
To see if a modem is Called ID capable check - http://www.talkingcallerid.com/CallerIDCapable.htm
thank you Tnker... Please correct me if I am wrong.

From my Cable modem, I connect a phone splitter, one end of the splitter goes to my telephone unit, and the other goes to a modem connected to my computer.

(EDIT It seems these modems have a line in and line out plugs so no splitter required.)

On my computer, I have YAC Server installed.

From reading around, the modem below is called id capable.

Then on my OpenElec, I have the YAC Listener addons installed.

Am I correct?

Thanks for your guidance.

Hey doug,

Do you know github?

As there is some interest in this plugin and other's implementations are not maintained anymore, it would be best to put your sources on GitHub.

Collaboration is much more easy with that. I already have fixed some things in your code (like a settings page for timeout delay) accessible from XBMC.

I'd also like to integrate some i18n like:

"Hermann ruft an"
"Bill is calling"

Also some kind of Mobile Phone CallerID is possible. What do you think?
I have ordered a modem... can't wait to try it.

Nordish, I like your ideas... +1 from me here.

I cannot get YAC in my Win machine to show the caller ID... I putty'd into my modem, and I had to enter AT+VCID=1 command and Putty then does show the CID... When I exit Putty and start YAC, YAC shows nothing.... Pulling my hair out.

tried this also without luck:

Is there an alternative to using YAC on my Windows machine..?


Bizarre but lucky accident... I tried installing the below software to see if it would recognize the CID... after a couple of unknown calls, it prompted me to repair my modem so it would work.... I let it do, it asked to reboot, and lo and behold; YAC and everything works nicely. I uninstalled the software and reboted and it all works like a charm.


I hope this helps others... this is all working for me on Openelec!

Thank you!
Guys I have one more idea that should be easy to implement (I hope).

What about when the system gets a call, it PAUSES automatically whatever you are watching or playing so that you can go answer the phone? I assume this should be a simple thing to implement.

As an alternative, I ran across the following article while trying to solve my original problem:
It sounds like one can script the pause and have the YAC server machine send the Pause command to the various HTPC machines in the house.... I just need to figure out what the command needs to look like.

2148 readers when I posted this.
OK for almost 2 days straight I have been trying to solve this... I noticed that the addon.py has the following lines in it:

if len(self.buffer) > 1:
            name = self.buffer[0]
            number = self.buffer[1]

So the last line it seems to be the one that executes the screen notification command in XBMC.

I tried adding one line after like this (see last line):

if len(self.buffer) > 1:
            name = self.buffer[0]
            number = self.buffer[1]

But when I reboot my htpc, I get an addon error. YAC does nothing when I get a call.

When I reversed it, meaning I only had the one line that reads:


When I get get a call, XBMC pauses like I want it to pause. So the culprit is having both xbmc.executebuiltin lines in the python script.

Does anyone know how I could edit this to get both the notification AND the pausing?

Many thanks,


Can anyone help please.... anyone...??
Hi hernandito,

Read your PM... I am on it... Smile

I ' ll fork this because doug seems not to be interesting in collaborating with others... :/

I will put my sources on github, too. And release next week with some really neat features!

Thanks for the great ideas, hernandito!

cu Nordish / mablae
Nordish... Thank you!! I cannot wait to see what you come up with....
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