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Full Version: Nothing seems to work
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Hello all.

I am a complete noob from the UK, on the forums and new to XBMC altogether. I am loving the prospect of this software running. It looks great on all of the you tube video's I have seen....

However I cant get any of the add on's to work and the weather icon doesn't work. I have looked for help on this forum but I am a bit overwhelmed by the information and can't find a conclusive answer.

I have installed the new Eden software onto my external hard drive. Initially the weather icon worked and displayed the correct temperature. I tried to set up the Live-TV app (i have since found out that i realised I need a tuner etc) and after pressing Eurosport, it played audio for a minute and then completely crashed.

Since then I rebooted but nothing works now not even youtube search, 1channel or Hula. It says one of more of your items doesn't seem to be working or script error or it cant find the server etc etc. I have tried installing 4od, 5 on demand from your site but both inform me that there is no server. I am online but through the laptop.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Welcome to the XBMC forums. Please post a debug log (wiki) so we can see what's going on under the covers when you launch add-ons.

Moderators: Please move this thread to help section. Thanks.
19:47:05 T:5320 NOTICE: -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Please don't post logs in the forum. Upload them to http://pastebin.com/ and post the link here.
Did you actually try running the offending add-ons while you had debugging turned on so that the errors can be captured in the log? If not, please try again.

Also, please don't post logs directly into your replies on the forums (too much clutter). Instead, post them to a public paste site and then post just the URL in your reply. See here.
Enable Debug Log ging.