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Full Version: themoviedb new entries, time to xbmc scraper?
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This might be more of a themoviedb question. Here's the scenario: I own a movie not on themoviedb, so I added the movie, a cover, actors, backdrops, etc. The movie appears when I search themoviedb from the web site. However when I use the xbmc themoviedb scraper it doesn't seem to see the movie data (at all). It's been a day since I added the movie and it appears readable by anyone who searches the site... just not sure why the scraper isn't seeing it.

I verified I'm not using imdb and am using themoviedb scraper.
The API takes a little while to update - I suggest waiting another day or so and check again.
Thanks jmarshall you're awesome!

I know I added one before and I thought I remember it taking awhile, but figured a day was enough. I'll wait a little longer.

Just to follow up (several years later) it did update and does take a bit of time (24-48 hrs). (In case someone else is reading this).
Today I made a couple contributions to TMDB.
All of them are found and "text information" scraped almost immediately after upload (within 5 minutes), but unfortunately not the poster and backdrop images I uploaded to TMDB.
However when I check the TMDB website for these movies I can see the posters and backdrops via the browser.
The images just don't get scraped.
I guess backdrops and posters need some time.
Still waiting for the images.
Will let you know when they get scraped.

Update on May 18th 2015: I guess most images are available for scraping by Kodi within a couple hours, typically 5-8 hours after upload. Some take shorter, some take longer. One entry took around more than 24 hours to appear.