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Full Version: How to watch/listen to media on Andriod
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Hi all! I'm looking for a way to watch/listen to my media around XBMC. I know I can use a network in my home between rooms. But is there a way to stream it while I am away from home on my phone?


I run plex server on my htpc, and stream to the plex client on my phone over 3G. I can even stream to my tablet if I tether it to my phone. Even while driving! I can stream a movie to my phone remotely, and watch it on XBMC locally at the same time, no issues.

There is another way as well, using a file manager and DICE player, but since there is no transcoding, you are trying to stream 720 or 1080... it just doesn't work. Even on my home network using one of the highest performance routers on the market, it doens't quite cut it. Since I started using plex, there is no looking back. You get an XBMC-ish interface, and perfect playback on all your devices.

Plex has a system called 'myplex', which is basically sort of a dyn-dns type of service, so that you don't need dyn-dns. You just enter a user/password on the server and on the client, and their service figures out the rest. It's quite wonderful.
O So I would have to set up Plex (an alternative to XBMC) on my PC, and what do I add to my Andriod phone?
Check out SubSonic, works great for me.
XBMC isn't meant to actually be a server.
I prefer simple FTP directly into Dice player.

And something for dynamic IP problem.
(2012-06-08, 05:33)Astro2004 Wrote: [ -> ]O So I would have to set up Plex (an alternative to XBMC) on my PC, and what do I add to my Andriod phone?

Plex Media Server on PC, Plex client on Android (and wherever else you want to access your media)

my friends install plex clients on their machines and stream media from my computer over to their houses over the 'net. Works wonderfully. All free...
Check out also bubbleupnp! Very nice application that has a server application that you install in your pc and you can load your xbmc library (you must have upnp enabled in your settings) and then steam everything in your phone, over house or over "net". Give it a try.