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Full Version: Babby's First Mod Attempt: Merging Two Media Views
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I've only piddled around with modding confluence slightly with explicit instructions so I'm kind of a newbie at this. What I'm looking to do is:

In confluence, take the Movies default Media View (long list on left, long description and fanart on right, fanart in background) and instead of displaying the fanart in the right-hand column, display the movie's poster (as it does in Media View 2 - but without truncating the list / summary columns to half-screen as it does in media view 2.)

I really have no idea where to start or how to modify. Which files should I be looking at (Win7 Dharma) and what should I be looking to do once I get there?

Any help? Smile TIA!
Anyone got any tips on this?

Also, I'm an idiot, it's not Dharma, it's Eden I'm trying to mod.