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Full Version: Universal Scraper for Music Albums
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add an 'album.nfo' file in the album folder and insert the direct link to the album on musicbrainz into it.
I tried that by adding the direct link to the musicbrainz release group ID

and nothing changed. The album description I want is actually on theaudiodb. All the albums are correct on musicbrainz and theaudiodb, but since they all have the same name it just picks one seemingly at random from the three and fills in the description. Is the album.nfo simply named "album.nfo" and contain nothing but the url to musicbrainz? Because that's what I did and it didn't change a thing.

Would it be easier just to have the album description set locally? What would be the mechanism for that? nfo file? Thanks!

Wait, now it appears to be working after I restarted XBMC, updated the library and refreshed the album.
Well, I'm not sure if it worked or if it just changed due to random dumb luck. It seems to pick the album match at random. Sometimes it will pick the green album, sometimes the blue, sometimes the red. I did the same thing for the other two and it set the Green Album to Blue and the Blue Album to Red. So I'm back in the same place. There HAS to be a good workaround for this problem.
(2013-07-25, 16:13)clubwerks Wrote: [ -> ]There HAS to be a good workaround for this problem.

There is one and that's what I have shared with you. Instead of crying for another workaround figure out why it doesn't work for you.
Or at least post a debug log...
I'm crying now? Why don't you kick rocks. You're kind of a jerk you know that? I've reread this thread several times and your condescending tone is among the worst I've seen on XBMC forums. I'll figure it out myself, like I've been doing with nearly every problem I've had with XBMC for the last five years. Thanks anyway.

Workaround? Yeah, make the scraper have a manual selection process for such instances. That's not really a "workaround." A workaround is having to add nfo files to the folders.
Did you also realize while reading the thread several times that I was always being helpful with everyone providing quality feedback, had constructive approach and debug log?

Think about twice who started the jerkish demanding tone! Your "There HAS to be a good workaround for this problem." statement sounds like crying to me. Anyone else has a different opinion?
Ummmm... apparently I was wrong on the previous page saying the release-group needs to be inserted to the nfo. Actually you need to include the link to the release on MB into the album.nfo.
Apology accepted.

I mean seriously I hate to "whine" for workarounds when the thing is so elegantly kludged together with nfo files.

And before you think I'm a person that whine and doesn't contribute, I've put over 200 cdArts on fanart in the last two years and have probably added at least 1000 albums WITH descriptions to theaudiodb in the last week and fixed another couple dozen releases on MB in the same time frame.

And that worked. So, as I said I followed instruction explicitly and those instructions were incorrect as provided. Thank you for the correct workaround.
Looks like I need to learn how to use my own scraper. Had to look at the code to check. However if you had provided the debug log I would have spotted my mistake earlier :)

Anyway, thank you very much for all your contribution and for all the time you spent on it!

...and I am glad it worked out for you. Recognition will be improved dramatically in Gotham what will be able to read mb id from the tags and 1:1 match the artists and albums on mb.
OK, now that we're back on track, let me ask you another question. I have a few odds and ends like singles and such that aren't allowed to be added to theaudiodb. If I can't add it to theaudiodb, is there an easy way for me to get an album description using an nfo file or something of the sort. Thanks in advance.
Beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for. I think the last time I looked for something like that it wasn't there.
Hi. I have recently reinstalled XBMC to an SSD, and have my libraries across magnetic storage, on LVM. I have added music sources, and during an update, it appeared to scrape using local nfo files; no doubt from a previous install. For the most part this seems to be fine, but if I select by artist, I can't see albums. Is there a 'usual' cause for this?
I'm having trouble getting album reviews to show up properly. In the settings I have it set to get the album reviews from theaudiodb however that's not where it's getting them from. Most of the album reviews don't show up, showing only "No review for this album" and the ones that do are not the reviews posted on theaudiodb.com. Any ideas? Even albums that I added to the site myself don't scrape reviews.
Good morning Olympia,

1) I am pasting this http://www.allmusic.com/album/release/ba...0001055858 into an album.nfo inside the album folder. Then trigger a refresh but nothing happens, no new info populates the album. Same results with the Discogs' link to the particular release. Is it the allmusic link to the release inside the album.nfo what is needed according to this, isn't it? The only link that gives results, although imperfect, is the direct musicbrainz link to the release, however it brings back the general info for the release group with a review from wikipedia instead and neither from allmusic or discogs.

2) I have 4 different releases (versions) of the album 'Bad' from Michael Jackson. When added to the library they are gathered together under one album and all tracks are mixed up. The metadata has been correctly saved differentiating each one of them by musicbrainz release year and contents, with Picard. Is there a way to avoid this, different than editing the album titles to a slightly modified name appending forms such as 're-release', 'special edition', etc...

3) Is there a way in XBMC to define a set of albums (not the filter solution), e.g., the set 'Bad', and when clicking on it, then all the releases I have for the album 'Bad' including the original will show up as individual albums for me to select? Like sets in movie collections? So I can define my own sets of music albums?

Thanks in advance. Best,

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