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Full Version: Now Playing Works; Cannot control XBMC
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Ubuntu with XBMC Eden. XBMC Remote on an EVO 4G over WiFi

Connection works.

The 'Now Playing' information is correct on the EVO (remote)

Now buttons on the remote (up, down, play, pause) have any effect on the XBMC box

How can this be ?


Sorry, should be:

*NONE* of the buttons on the remote...
I have now eavesdropped on the traffic between the remote and the XBMC box (using socat with -v) and I have found that while there are plenty GetSystemInfo() and GetCurrentlyPlaying() calls (all with appropriate responses), there is no additional traffic generated when I press 'keys' on the remote. Also, I can go directly into the XBMC box from my laptop and easily pause and play by sending the appropriate http requests.

This leads me to believe that there is nothing wrong with the XBMC setup. I have to assume that the problem lies with the Android:

EVO 4G running v0.8.8-beta1 Revision 808

Where do I go to get an earlier version of XBMC remote for Android ?

For the remote control functionality the EventServer is used, not the HTTP commands.
Depending on how you are accessing the xbmc. You might need to forward port 9777. I currently control my xbmc through the internet and needed to open this port to be able to use the remote control correctly.