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Full Version: Textures
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Hi, first, congrats to you for making this amazing skin.
I don't know if I just missed it, but I was not able to find the skin's textures anywhere in an uncompressed state.
Would you mind to release them uncompressed so people might mod them?

Thank you for your skin and hopefully also thanks for releasing the textures Big Grin

Hey D0nR0s4 ,

I'd like to get the skin a bit further down the line before i release textures, as i'll be changing/adding textures i'm sure. Perhaps after the next couple of releases, and when i have Welo in the official add-ons repo.

(2012-06-11, 14:35)liquidskin76 Wrote: [ -> ]...and when i have Welo in the official add-ons repo.

You'll have no choice then! Wink
Ok, thanks a lot for your answer Smile

Obviously it is your choice, so I guess I just have to wait.