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Full Version: XBMCBuntu: Boblight
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I just plugged my Adalight-Setup into my XBMCBuntu-HTPC the first time and am running into some problems.

What I did so far:
Using my mac I installed the image in Adruino IDE and tested my stripes (I have 50 LEDs) with Processing and the ColorSwirl-Programm.. Since that worked nicely I attached everything to said HTPC.

I compiled and installed boblight from their SVN (Revision 400) and created my boblight.conf: http://pastebin.com/H70xSDY0

Then to test this, I rebooted, started boblightd and without running xbmc I started boblight-constant FF0000 from another terminal.

What happens is that when I start boblightd, the LEDs blink red, green, blue and after this nothing happens.

(InitLog)                       start of log /home/sven/.boblight/boblightd.log
(PrintFlags)                    starting boblightd
(CConfig::LoadConfigFromFile)   opening /etc/boblight.conf
(CConfig::CheckConfig)          checking config lines
(CConfig::CheckConfig)          config lines valid
(CConfig::BuildConfig)          building config
(CConfig::BuildConfig)          built config successfully
(main)                          starting devices
(CClientsHandler::Process)      opening listening socket on
(CDevice::Process)              ambilight: starting with output "/dev/ttyACM0"
(CDevice::Process)              ambilight: setting up
(CDevice::Process)              ambilight: setup succeeded
(CClientsHandler::Process) connected
(CClientsHandler::ParseMessage) said hello
(CClientsHandler::ParseSet) priority set to 128

None of the LEDs is on.

I already made sure that /dev/ttyACM0 is the right output-device by watching tail -f /var/log/syslog

Jun 10 17:50:39 xbmc kernel: [ 1491.240018] usb 4-3: new full speed USB device number 6 using ohci_hcd
Jun 10 17:50:39 xbmc kernel: [ 1491.473458] cdc_acm 4-3:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device

Does anybody know what else I can do? ._.

Found the mistake!

The prefix was wrong (the right one is 41 64 61 00 95 C0) and type had to be momo
I am new in Linux and trying to install boblight on XBMCBuntu (running on an USB thumbdrive). I already installed the plugin in xbmc but how can I install the necessary daemon? I don't know how to download, compile and install the daemon.

On openelec there was an easy option to install the daemon but unfortunately with an AMD E350 chipset the lights are flickering all the time.

Thank you for any hint!