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Full Version: Launching Kylo in Advanced Launcher
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Hi There - I am a bit of a noob to XBMC so please bear with me Smile

I am using Kylo as a browser which I am launching through Advanced Laucher ... All works great other than when I exit Kylo XBMC is mimimised and I am back in windows. Any way I can get XBMC to pop up in full screen right after I close Kylo ?

XBMC, in some cases, is not able to get focus back correctly. So you need to use a small script that will force it to do it. You will found some possible scripts here : http://www.gwenael.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=199. Idea is to use the

nircmd win max process XBMC.exe

command line for .bat script, or the

WinSetState("XBMC", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

command line, for Autoit scripts. So when the started application (Kylo) will be closed, it will to force XBMC to return fullscreen.