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Full Version: Add-ons always global in User Profiles?
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I'm setting up multiple profiles, and I found either a bug or something not yet implemented. It seems currently XBMC (Eden) profile does not work the way it should be with Add-Ons? an Add-On installed and enabled in one profile is automatically carried to all other profiles. As I understood how profiles should work, add-ons can be either global or specific to a profile.

Update: it seems my assumption was incorrect (it does sounds that way based on info from the wiki). Add-ons always global. In fact, looking at the directory structure for each profile, there is no separate add-on folder, only add-on data folder.

Too bad! this would be a nice feature to have. Especially, there are video add-ons that are not suitable for kids.
Is there a way to do this in Frodo? I selected separate and start fresh, but add-ons are still global by default. Looks like the directory structure has not changed.