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Full Version: Settings menu not working on HTC One V
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I installed xbmc remote on my HTC One V (ICS) and I am unable to add host in the settings menu, since menu button is missing on my phone. I have read, that ICS applications should not rely on menu button anymore (see http://android-developers.blogspot.cz/20...utton.html ). Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? Thx
I've got the same problem, and have not been able to find any solution.
No problem on my samsung galaxy tab, which also has a software menu button.

Is it possible to copy the config file from the tab over to my htc?
Hi Fredda, I found out that on HTC One V one has to hold "recent apps" button (two squares) for little longer and menu pops up. It works also in other applications.