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Full Version: MyPicsDB: Pictures DB with EXIF, IPTC & XMP tags
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You can use the same DB
Beta Testers needed

I changed a lot of legacy DB code due to several errors with null values and values containing an apostrophe (values := Directory or file names and tag values).

In particular:
1) SQLs are changed (but not all) to use bind variables instead of placeholders for string variables.
select * from files where filename = '%s'
doesn't work if the variable contains an apostrophe.

2) Null value handling in selects is changed.
select distinct date_column from files where date_column is not null
returned null values! Sqlite seems really to be lite.

Especially 1) caused aftereffects like unicode issues with non latin characters.

Due to the infinite possibilties with tag types/tag values or path/file name combinations I'm not able to test everything.

If you are willing to help testing then please install my repo Xycl abandoned Dharma Repository.
This will update MyPicsDB to the latest development version.

Error reports must contain the part of the XBMC log file with the error!
If there are problems with special pictures because they contain tags/tag values which cause the error then PM me the pictures.

I am very eager to try your plugin but so far I have not been able to since I am not able to scan the remote directories (SMB/NFS) where my photos are stored. (It doesn't seem possible to mount network shares on my ATV2 where XBMC is installed.) I was excited to read that scanning network shares will be possible with the new version of XBMC. Will this work as soon as I update XBMC or is there something within the plugin that also needs to be adapted?

I have seen on the XBMC website that the beta release of version Frodo is just about to be launched and I am considering to update to the beta simply because of this plugin.

Many thanks!

the complete scanning procedure must be rewritten to use the new functions/classes in xbmcvfs module.
Therefore it doesn't currently work even if you try to use Frodo.

Thanks for your reply even though it was not what i was hoping for. I will keep monitoring this project.
BR /Jonas
Hello! I use this plugin to view my 10000+ photo collection. When I search for photos using a keyword, the photo thumbnails do not appear in the correct orientation in the wall view. In slideshows, it's fine. My photos have been oriented using irfanview which means the exif orientation is no longer relevant. The default view of the photos in xbmc i.e. not through mypicsdb is fine with the same wall view.

I'm using the aeon skin on xbmc eden. Please help.
Please test it with confluence because we've to narrow down the possible reasons for this defect.
It may be the skin but also the caching of the thumbnails.
Ok, it's more complicated. I tried confluence with "Pic Thumbs" view and aeon with "InfoWall" view. Both have a problem that the thumbnails are not with the right orientation. However, on confluence, the photo on the right side of the selected thumbnail has correct orientation. On aeon, the photo on the right side is not fine - it is same as the thumbnail.

Now this behaviour is consistent between the xbmc pictures view and the mypicsdb view of the same photos.

I guess I got confused when I last posted because I've some photos of the same event from two cameras. My friend's canon camera photos do not have the above problem with thumbnails. Unfortunately my camera Panasonic ZS7 has this issue! I guess it's not relevant to this thread but I would be interested in any solutions.

Do you add this addon for Frodo?
Hi fmronan,

I've already a development version for Frodo in my repository.
If you want to test it with your Glass skin then please take it.
It works with Frodo in contrast to the current version.
But I did a lot of internal changes. Therefore I still need some time to test it before deploying it to the official XBMC repository.

ok , I test it, thx
I don't found picturesDB in your repo1;0;8
Okay, repo version doesn't workHuh
Use this one: https://github.com/Xycl/plugin.image.mypicsdb
I test it and every thing is good for me in Home
[edit] nevermind - i'm an idiot! github version works great