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Full Version: MyPicsDB: Pictures DB with EXIF, IPTC & XMP tags
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(2013-02-18, 17:50)Xycl Wrote: [ -> ]
(2013-02-18, 10:24)umtauscher Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry to hear that. Sadly thats a dealbreaker for me.

Using the file system without any tag and search support is better than using decentralized databases?

No, certainly not, but maintaining 6 decentralized databases is a nogo. I won't quit my dayjob to keep my photos organized. ;-)
So I leave it as it is.
Thanks anyway

(2013-02-23, 11:30)umtauscher Wrote: [ -> ]No, certainly not, but maintaining 6 decentralized databases is a nogo. I won't quit my dayjob to keep my photos organized. ;-)
So I leave it as it is.
Must be the difference between a nerd and a user Smile
A nerd would have seen it as a challenge, and would have scriptet a nightly update on one of the databases followed by a copy-and-replace to the other five databases.

Hi Xycl,

Great add-on, thank you very much.
I am trying to organize all my pictures (it seems i have some free time)

All seem to work ok, except for "browse by tag" / "person".
I have inserted in some sample pictures using the exif tool, eg -XMP-iptcExtTongueersonInImage="MyName".
So far so good. But when entering two or more names in this field your addon displayes all names as one single person tag, like this: MyName,YourName (1 Pics).
I tried using different separation characters like comma(,), semicolon( ; ), asterix(*) but all name still displayed as one tag.
Am I doing something wrong? (when using commas in keyword tag all words are separated).

When adding multiple names using Microsoft Photo Gallery the database separates them as it should, its uses the RegionPersonDisplayName with an asterix to seperate the names . However I cannot find the right command to add regionpersondisplayname using exiftool. Because when i use -xmp:RegionPersonDisplayName="MyName*YourName" your database doesnt separate them but when inserting them 1 by 1 using -xmp:RegionPersonDisplayName+="MyName" and -xmp:RegionPersonDisplayName+="YourName" they are separated. So how can I enter multiple names with exiftool?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
If it cannot be done, is there a workaround to display the persons separately. I dont want the person as keyword entries and i really want to avoid entering them 1 by 1.

Thank you
PM me a link to one of your pictures. Then I'll look on it.
I think I have resolved the issue. When adding to the XMP table you need to define the seperator (between the persons) and than all works ok. It seems the datatable in the picture uses some kind of hidden character to separate the entries and displays them as an *.

exiftool -sep "," -XMP:RegionPersonDisplayName+="MyName,YourName,3rdName"

But thanks for your willingness to look into it.
and as said: GREAT Add-on
Sorry, I was at work and didn't read your text correctly.

The database doesn't separate the persons.
If you use ExifTool with parameters like
-sep "," -XMP:RegionPersonDisplayName+="MyName,YourName,3rdName"
Quote: -sep "," -XMP-iptcExtTongueersonInImage+="MyName,YourName,3rdName"
then three separate tags are stored.

That's the whole magic. Smile
I figured as much, but it took a lot of searching and reading to finally understand and do this trick. at least for me.
Thank again
Would it be possible to filter together with any selected tags (keywords, persons etc) also on year and maybe on month?
because you can filter on date and tags separately, but i could find anything to combine. or am I missing something?

Lets say: want to see pictures of of Bill and Jane, in the zoo, in 2008, March.
Currently it's not possible.
I already thought about the possibility to add pseudo tags like 01-2001 till 02-2013 (from oldest to latest picture date).
Then you could use these tags in Filter Wizard.

What's your opinion?
I think it would be easier to just add to the filter wizard the possibility to select years and months based on data used for the "Browse by Date" option you have.
and maybe as a second option a time frame as you suggest.

I would be nice to be able to look at pictures from my kids (2 person tags), on summer vacation in 2008 and 2009. In the current version you either browse by date and see all pictures for that month or you filter on kids names and summer vacation tag and you see pictures of your vacation throughout the ages....
The Filter Wizard doesn't support nested tags and I won't introduce them.
Therefore you cannot add the "Browse by Date" structure.
Can the date be written into the database and represented as "additional tags"?
Just like keywords, but grouped together showing years and months only.
The date created is already read into the database and used in the filter wizard, i dont know how difficult it would be to split the date into years and months.
It would be a nice to be able to avoid inserting in all pictures years and months as keywords., because filtering on year/month is needed especially when your picture collection expands.
That did I mean with adding pseudo tags.
Of course MyPicsDB would add them.
Therefore no need to add tags to your pictures.
Looking forward to the update then. it;a a must I think.
I hope you implement "from date1 to date2" and specific month and/or year option
I'll do it a "bit" different.
Currently the Filter Wizard uses all stored pictures as source for it's database query.
In future you can define a picture set the Filter Wizard works with.

Picture set means:
  1. Stored collections
  2. Stored date periods
  3. A date period which can be entered
  4. A search key like used in "Global search" (which doesn't work in the prod. version but is already fixed in dev. version)
  5. And possibly: stored Filter Wizard filter settings (dev. version already can load/save filter settings). But, this might be impossible due to infinite loops in source set definitions.

The picture set will be selectable in the Filter Wizard dialog box and even better, you can go into "Browse by Date" or "Collections" and open the Filter Wizard with the context menu.