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Full Version: MyPicsDB: Pictures DB with EXIF, IPTC & XMP tags
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Hi Fungify,

it's the new version of the EXIF parser.
I wouldn't be worried.

(2014-08-26, 06:32)CaptainKen Wrote: [ -> ]Setting>Add-ons>Enabled Add-ons>Picture Add-ons>My Pictures Database>Configure>Database settings
Thank you, I didn't see the "database settings" until I hit the right arrow, duh!
Release 13.0.2

You can add a music playlist to a collection.
When selecting the collection in the list view the music playlist is started and a slideshow of the collection pictures begins.
To see the collection pictures in the list you've to use the context menu.

Problem: To stop you've to press 'X' (stop) twice. First for the slideshow and second for the music playlist
xycl Hi.. I used mypicsdb with Aeon Nox 3 & 4 with widget support . I could just add my pictures to home screen and would populate the widget as well.
Now using Aeon Nox Gotham & Gotham 13.2 I am unable to get any Live Pics to use in Home screen backgrounds or in any widget. Is this skin specific ?
Tried it in Nox 5 but still no joy ?
iHas anything changed ? Am i missing something ? Please Let me know
Hi shaktoo,

what did you do to add the pictures to Aeon Nox home screen?
I think you called MyPicsDB with some parameters to display the pictures.

Come to think of it the skin back then just had the options .. now none of the skins seem to have anything to do with the pictures & widget support. i might ask phil as well. have you been able to get any kind of widgets / playlist rotating live pictures backgrounds working in any skin ?
I only use Confluence. There was never the possibility to add pictures widgets.
before we used window properties and started your script with

since we skinners do not use window properties to create listitems anymore it would need some specific plugin path for us skinners to keep the functionality.
(i tried to use plugin://plugin.image.mypicsdb?action='showpics'&method='lastpicsshooted'&name='The%2050%20latest%20pics'&page='1'&viewmode='view' for example but the onclick does not work then)
Okay, I'll look on it

What do you need exactly? One plugin path which fills a listview or several paths for each picture?
I need a plugin path which shows me 10 random / recent images for example including an OnClick event starting some diashow (that does not work atm when using the plugin path i mentioned)

to make clear what i am doin: I use <content>plugin://...</content> for a list in home.xml. that way I do not have to define every listitem myself. saves huge amounts of code.
Phil's on this .. I have High hopes Smile
Currently I don't have the time to do it.
Hi there mr mypicsdb
Can you have a choice "browse videos by folder"
The "videos"selection lumps all of them together making them hard to find.

I'll take a look.
Add a translation to Ftype (file type = video or picture) and StrPath (path)
Afterwards you can use filterwizard to search for video in folders.