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Full Version: Problem with HD audio
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hi, i'm having a problem with the HD audio. I have my htpc plugged into an AV receiver for a soundbar and I have the Realtek HD Audio drivers installed. In XBMC, I turned on audio output to HDMI with the option of the DTS capable receiver. All audio works fine after I install the drivers. But after I turn off the receiver and turn it back on, the sound properties show that there are no compressed formats found when there used to be. and this prevents me from outputing audio to hdmi. Also it could be that I keep my htpc on while everything else is turned off. Im not sure what the problem is to get the drivers to work again, any help appreciated

Have you try to reboot your HTPC? Make sure that your AVR/HDTV is on before you reboot it.....
yeah, that didnt work
(2012-06-13, 20:28)buckfifty Wrote: [ -> ]yeah, that didnt work
It seem that HTPC is not recognizing AVR.....is it possible that HDMI cable come loose?

the cables werent loose but i think i figured out the problems. its a sony avr, so it has an option to control hdmi equipment if its a sony tv, i turned it off and it seems to be working. thanks!