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Full Version: Issue Adding TV shows with MySQL
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So until recently I had XBMC set up on 2 machines both using the same SQL database to sync TV Shows and Movies. 2 days ago however TV Shows stopped working, they still showed up in XBMC but there would be no episodes.

I've since tried everything I can think of:

Re-installed XBMC
Re-installed MySQL
Change Source Directories.
Drop re-add databases
Import data from an a recent export.

If I remove the SQL database from XBMC's advancedsettings.xml (So that XBMC no longer uses it, it will find my TV Shows correctly.)
I've also noticed that when its using the SQL database its as if it doesn't even try to scan when I do an "Update Library".

Also my Movies work fine the entire time regardless if I'm using the SQL Database or not.
Please Help

Recent Log: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B51cWOe...U1aOFZ4Y0U
need debug log (wiki)