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Full Version: cdart
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Can somebody help me with cdart.
I would like to have the spinning cd next to the album cover.
xbmc is running on atv2 ,eden 11.

Do I have to place a file into my path ''music''......?
I'll read a lot of forums but it still not work.

Place a "cdart.png" in the album folder. You can either manually download them from http://fanart.tv/ or use the "cdArt Manager" add-on to automatically download them.

It's important to point out that not all skins support cdart, but it's fairly common.
Confluence is one of those skins that doesn't support it without a mod, I believe, so if you haven't changed from the default skin you will need to, or get the mod.
thanks, I will try this

I have the skin neon Q3 or something
Can I do the same with clearlogos, artist background, album cover etc....
I will download it from fanart.tv and place it in my music folder....?
What are the file names for these subjects......

please let me know.