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Full Version: Duplicate movies and tv-series.
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I have almost 2700 movies and 350 tv-series spread out on 3 servers and approx 25 hdd's.
I can't remember all the movies I have, and after a while I have many duplicates. Maybe 200 duplicates or so.

Is it possible to export a list of duplicates with filepath to a excel-sheet or something?

It's pretty time consuming to go into each duplicate and check the path.

The db is stored in MySQL.
I'm a little cautious regarding deletion of duplicates. I've found that on occasion, I'll forget the stack and I'll be deleting a part of a multiple... or deleting what I though were the same movie, but in reality same names (scraped the same) but totally different year movie. How about the same movie just different qualities... keeping your library up-to-date is a bit of a chore, but I never let it get out of hand.

Lining them all up in some sort of cover wall inside XBMC, the dups are pretty clear, or in a XWMM list.