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Full Version: Olympics on my ATV2?
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How can I watch the Olympics on my ATV2 that is jailbroken with xbmc on it? I don't care if its live or streamed from online or an addon. I just want access to it.

Depends on what the TV providers put up on the Internet, and how it is placed on the Internet. I have a feeling that this is going to be requested a lot, so maybe as we get closer we'll put up a page on the wiki with add-ons and streaming addresses for various countries.
Can we link it here please? My buddy wants me to jailbreak his ATV2 just for the convenience of Olympics from it...
Nice thx!
Guess I'm out of luck in Canada Sad All content is region locked.
I was trying to set up a bittorrent live stream, but the documentation is just too thin. Can't get it to work.
And they don't have like a really good support forum...