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Full Version: Not Auto-Starting Eden
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So my experience with XBMC and Linux is fairly limited. That being said I managed to get the whole thing working on my old PC just fine after doing some hardware upgrades. The whole system worked peachy after I installed it. Even got the android remotes up and running and thus far have had an absolute blast with the system. There is one minor issue that's bugging me and so I am here to ask about it.

At one point during my setup, I cant recall why, I ended up needing to get into the desktop area where XBMC runs from. This is the area that I am assuming is based on the modified version of Ubuntu that came with my XBMC Live installation. The issue is that now my computer when doing its default bootup ends up in Ubuntu and not in the XBMC media center. I manually have to start XBMC from the list of programs every time. While this is not the end of the world it irks me and is the single flaw in what would otherwise be a flawless setup. Its doubly irksome because when I first installed the new XBMC live OS and whatnot, the whole thing worked like it was supposed to. It was though my inept fumbling about that things got changed. Please someone help me with this.

This may be a second issue. Sometimes after playing a video my version of xbmc will suddenly end and drop me back to the desktop. This doesn't happen often but it does happen. seems to have no rhyme or reason as to when it will happen. I am hoping that fixing the above issue will fix this issue.

Thank you so much for the help.

Thank you more than I can say for making such a quality product that runs so effortlessly on my machine and is so powerful and customizable.
When you're in the ubuntu desktop, choose logout and it will take you back to login screen. Once at the login screen, click the drop down and change it from xbmcbuntu to xbmc.