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Full Version: [RELEASE] 4oD (Video) Addon - UK Channel 4 on demand. v.3.0.12 !NOT WORKING!
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Ch4 have updated their PS3 app, meaning that the plugin is no longer working. There is no ETA for a fix.

I will update this post with new versions, to make it easier to find the latest.

When reporting problems ALWAYS include a debug log please.

Quote:In Settings > System > Debugging there is a setting Enable debug logging. This lets you toggle between Normal and Debug w/ visuals on the fly.

Can be installed from the official XBMC repository, my repository addon, or by direct download. New updates will always be available from my own repository and by direct download before being available via the official XBMC repository (v3.0.11).

Repository add-on:
Eden: http://mossy-xbmc-repo.googlecode.com/fi...y.eden.zip
Frodo: http://mossy-xbmc-repo.googlecode.com/fi....frodo.zip

The plugin zip can also be downloaded from here (v2.0.x for Eden, v3.0.x for Frodo):

The plugin uses Channel4's 4oD on PS3 which has a subset of the programmes available through the main 4oD site, e.g. there are 136 documentary and 55 drama programmes on 4oD on PS3 compared with 290 documentary and 115 drama programmes on 4oD.

Access from outside the U.K and Ireland
See wiki.

DNS services: Using a DNS service like Overplay's SmartDNS may prevent the plugin from working (works fine with Unotelly's DirectDNS apparently). If so ask them to add the PS3 version of 4oD ( http://ps3.channel4.com ) to their service. Also it may be possible to configure your device/system to not use the DNS service for ps3.channel4.com.

Change log:
Version 3.0.12 (12 May 2013)
- Tidy up rtmp URL

Version 3.0.11 (01 May 2013)
- Fix 'Error getting category web page'

Version 3.0.10 (28 Mar 2013)
- Option to use port 443 for RTMP streams

Version 3.0.9 (16 Mar 2013)
- Prevent potential divide-by-zero problem when "Show Watched" is on.

Version 3.0.8 (15 Mar 2013)
- Fix downloads

Version 3.0.7 (04 Mar 2013)
- Added option to get streams via proxy
- Added "Show Watched" option. Turn on automatic watch in plugin settings. Manually toggle watched status via context menu
- Fixed subtitles
- Improved progress dialog

Version 3.0.6 (04 Mar 2013)
- Moved repository
Nice one mate, will check it out!
(2012-06-16, 14:16)Mossy Wrote: [ -> ]I will update this post with new versions, to make it easier to find the latest.

When reporting problems ALWAYS include a debug log please.

Quote:In Settings > System > Debugging there is a setting Enable debug logging. This lets you toggle between Normal and Debug w/ visuals on the fly.

Repository add-on:

The latest plugin zip can be downloaded from here:

Change log:

Version 1.0.4 (16 June 2012)

- Added experimental proxy support, HTTP,SOCK4/5, including authentication. Needs further testing. (Thanks to dlake02 for suggesting socksipy)

- Added subtitle support. Off by default, change in settings

- Added "Now Playing" media info

- Added HTTP cache disable option in settings

- (John Taylor) Added gzip handling. Occassionally web pages are downloaded compressed. This fix handles those occassions.

- Improved error handling

- Bug fix: Latest/Most Popular/A-Z/etc. Thumbnails coming up blank

- Bug fix: Prevent caching of 0-byte pages or 404 error pages.

- Bug fix: Orphaned processes in Linux, one for each downloaded episode, causing delays in shutting down XBMC.

- Bug fix: Instant "Download Finished" notification but no download in Windows. Should now download.

- Bug fix: Shows with no series and episodes numbers did not have unique default download filenames.

Did a very quick test on windows xp

subtitle support works a treat.
"Now Playing" media info is a nice addition
Latest/Most Popular/A-Z/etc. Thumbnails show ok
Instant "Download Finished" notification showed up fine, the download feature worked a treat after updating rtmpSmile
I don't req a proxy so didn't look at that.
Is HTTP cache disable option in settings just for space saving?

I will check this release (v1.0.4) out on my linux box laterSmile
Keep up the good work, do you plan on adding a fanart?.



"HTTP cache disable" is just for getting the web pages directly each time, for whatever reason. It's not going to save a significant amount of space. Could be useful, for example, if there's a problem listing the episodes of a show because of a problem with the cached version of a web page.

I wasn't going to add a fanart image, but I could.

... and thanks for the feedback.
Hi mossy

here is the fanart that I currently use, but I keep having to reassigning the fanart after an update, so it would be nice to have it all togetherSmile
Checked v1.0.4 release out also on xbmcbuntu, and is working great no problems so far Smile

Version 1.0.5 released, see first post
http://pastebin.com/CuS82yYb Hi Mossy here is the log for my windows pc it will not start the stream. Thank you
Can you confirm that other video plugins still work, e.g. iplayer?

If so then do versions 1.0.4 or 1.0.3 (of the 4od plugin) still work?
IPlayer works but I had to select limelight as the stream source. I have tried each one I have also tried to delete the filea in user/appdata/roaming/xbmc/ addons and in userdata just in case so it was a fresh install.
Do you mean that you have tried each version from 1.0.3?

Did the versions previous to 1.0.5 ever work before? E.g. if 1.0.3 used to work, but doesn't work now, then the problem has to be outside of the plugin itself.

Also check if it's working from a browser.
I have tried every version that you have released and the same thing happens in each it will start working for a second or two then stops.The same thing happens in demand 5 also. I just watched peep show through my browser and it worked fine.
Hi mossy,

I like the blue fanart cheers.
I can confirm that V 1.0.5 works great on windows XP.
I was able to have 3 downloads going at once, and have a stream running aswell Smile
Regarding the Most popular titles changing when navagating to page two and back, was no problems at all
I will check out Linux box later on.

Thanks for a great update

Smile John

Do you have any plans to work your magic on Demand 5 also ? Smile
@Slatri As I said earlier if it used to work, but now has stopped working for you, then it must be something outside the plugin that's causing the problem. The fact that it works in the browser suggests that something in XBMC has changed (settings?), but I can't think of what would cause the problem.

Quote:it will not start the stream

Quote:it will start working for a second or two then stops

I'm assuming that both of these statements describe the same symptoms.

@John I may take on Demand 5 but not any time soon

I've tested the 4OD 1.0.5 with HTTP and SOCKS proxies. Both provide the content from the HTTP source, but only SOCKS (both 4 and 5) allow the RTMPE streaming.

So, it does look like 4OD RTMP streams are geo-locked in some way, unlike the BBC Limelight and ITV streams :-(

It's not a problem - SOCKS is very efficient and the streaming quality is excellent even from the wrong side of the Pond.

Anyway, this is a brilliant plug-in - I get C4 News, Father Ted, Grand Designs and Time Team back, so I'm happy.

Now, you mentioned before that the Adobe HTTP Streaming was an issue - I have a plugin which I'm testing for Pluzz (French TV) that has support for f4m manifests - if you are interested, PM me and I'll send you the code (not releasing yet as it is buggy).

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