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Full Version: Browsing the file system does not work
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Most things seem to work fine in my XMBC Remote except browsing the file system for music to play.
On the XMBC Remote, I can only see the first level of my Music Archive, containing a list of catalogues "__A__", "_B__", ...
When I tap on a catalogue, the screen will not display its content, it only displays the catalogue name.
If I long press a catalogue and selects "Play", the system responds "Error: Invalid Location".
On the XMBC Server, the access to the file system works perfectly.
In file mode, I have performed "scan items to library" and in library mode I have "update library".
Port forwarding of TCP and UDP ports have no effect, netither does disabling the Windows firewall.

What can be my problem ?

My Setup:
HTC Desire S[XMBC Remote] --wifi--> Net Gear Router --cable--> HP Pavilion[XMBC Server]
I--cable--> Net Gear NAS [Music Archive]

My SW:
Android 2.3.5
XMBC Remote v0.8.8-beta1
Windows 7 32bit
XMBC Server 11.0

Music Archive:
List of catalogues A to Z, List of Artist catalogues, List of Album catalogues, List of Music files
OK, just solved the problem.

I had added the Source by typing in the path manually, e.g. "\\NAS-Name\ShareName/Catalogue/"
Removing this Source and instead adding the Source using "Browse" and selecting the IP-address of the NAS and then clicking down to the correct catalogue did the trick.

Now I seem to be fully up and running.