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Full Version: Can't access the BBC on my Radio plugin
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I just installed the Radio plugin and I have configured it to access English stations. I can access most stations in my country (Ireland) okay but the only BBC station I can access is the World Service. The other BBC stations don't appear on the list of stations for Great Britain. Is this a restriction placed by the BBC/by the plugin?
I don't have Sphere's Radio addon installed on XBMC, but I can access BBC stations on http://rad.io . However, I am in the UK so this doesn't rule out a geo-restiction.

Try and see if you can use your browser to access BBC stations on http://rad.io , if you can't then it's probably to do with your location.

If you can access the streams through a browser, but not the addon then it's probably a shortcoming of the addon. In which case you should stick a post in the Radio addon thread to flag this up, OR find an alternative. The TuneIn radio addon is also good, available here