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Full Version: poster.jpg
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After redoing my database and starting new, I used Artwork Downloader to grab fanart, posters, etc. Artwork Downloader saved the posters as poster.jpg within the folder where the movie is. The problem is that I can't get Transparency to use the poster.jpg so none of the movie posters are showing. After some reading, I edited the advancedsettings.xml to specifically add poster.jpg for dvdthumbs, but that didn't change anything.

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here to get the posters to show, but I can't figure out what it is. Help?
Posters (covers) in XBMC are called folder.jpg or movie_name.tbn so you need to scrape in those 'poster' covers into the library, exporting as separate files will create proper thumbnails.
Thanks, that's what I found as well. I was hoping adding poster.jpg to the advancedsettings.xml would work, but it didn't.

As I don't have any covers currently, exporting won't help I suspect. What do you mean my scraping the covers into the library? Do you mean using the built-in scrapers for that? If so, that's what I was trying to avoid doing by using the Artwork Downloader addin. There's too many movies to scrape individually.

I know this isn't the proper forum for this question, but I'll pose it anyway... if folder.jpg is the standard name, why would the Artwork Downloader addin name them poster.jpg?
Not sure why advancedsettings is not working for you... but I suspect it has something to do with the fact you haven't scraped yoour collection into your library. I'm a bit unsure why the XBMC scraper avoidance... I think it's one of the best parts, and lately 3rd party scrapers don't have a lot on it anymore... and the big advantage is direct scrape to library, to local rescraping.

If you change your scrapers or modify any of the settings in 'Change Content' of the context menu, on exit it will prompt you for a global scrape... take it, it will automate the scrape. Artwork Downloader is great for grabbing artwork, but doesn't grab metadata which is the primary purpose of the library, once you've scraped....you should be good.

Artwork Downloader is a relatively new plugin.... and the author has rightfully assumed a scrape in which you already have covers, and given that some people are a bit picky about what their covers look like (me too) and in some cases manually chosen their covers; it wouldn't do to just write over them with default versions of the same name. I suppose the author could have made it an option... and there is a specific thread on this add-on to pose that question directly.
Before I wiped my DB I exported it into separate NFO files. I used those local NFOs for reimporting into the DB. I do have all the metadata and fanart, it's just the covers I'm missing at this point. I didn't rescrape from the web as a lot of my library won't scrape properly.

Thanks for your help PatK.