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Full Version: XBMC remote crashes on Android 1.6
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Hi all,

I just installed XBMC remote app on Android 1.6. Actually I installed it on AVD i.e. the Android virtual device on ECLIPSE.
every time i click on the XBMC remote icon to launch the app, the app crashes with the error message "Sorry the application XBMC Remote (process org.xbmc.android.remote) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." with an option for "Force close"

Though this app works fine on Android4.0.3 .
The XBMC remote specs say that it is compatible with Android 1.5 onwards. So I expected it to work with Android 1.6 also.

can anybody help me out with this ??

Android version = 1.6
xbmc version is 0.8.8-beta1

thanks and regards
Got a log? Smile