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(2012-06-20, 12:13)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]Is this the correct usage?

C:\Users\Kevin>F:\Downloads\xbmc-xml2po_v096.exe -s C:\Users\Kevin\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\skin.

All I get is a message that 'LGPLed libiconv for Windows' has stopped working.

Try using the Linux version please. It surely works. I had no time to really check the Win version. Libiconv is not so easy on Windows.
Tested it a week ago and it did work for me on Win7 64bit
Hitcher, try this way

xbmc-xml2po_v096.exe -s "C:\Users\Kevin\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\skin"

need ""

and this structure:


For me work fine, win8 32 bits, generated some strings erroneously, after generating, check the integrity format PO, so that it is in the correct format before using.

Po file format ok:

msgctxt "#31001"
msgid "VIDEOS"
msgstr ""

some strings generated this way in a strange format, but still works correctly in xbmc.

msgctxt "#31001"
msgid ""
msgstr ""

In linux, Alanwww1, convert files xml to po, with success.
(2012-06-19, 23:23)CutSickAss Wrote: [ -> ]I tried it with Python 3.2, and it doesn't seem to work. Worked like a treat with version 2.7. And the full was not necessary for the script to work, at least in my case.

Also, here's a roundup of your Windows instructions for noobs like me (provided Python 2.7 is installed from here):
Go to the folder where "po_to_xml.py" is located -> Create a new text file, and enter the following in it:
"C:\Program Files\Python27\python.exe" po_to_xml.py skin

-> Save the file, and rename it to "po_to_xml.bat" -> Create a folder, and name it "skin" -> Create a folder in "skin", and name it "language" -> Create a folder in "language", name it "English", and place the English "strings.po" in it -> Repeat the previous step for every translation, naming the folders according to the language of the translation -> Go back, and run "po_to_xml.bat" -> A "strings.xml" file has been created in every language folder.

Worked well for me - Thanks and to giftie for the script
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